About Us

What is whitehot property all about?

whitehot property is one of the UK’s largest databases of chain free properties for sale. They include new homes, part-exchanged properties, repossessions and probate. Each property is realistically priced, and some come with added incentives such as stamp duty paid, or gifted deposits.

We value these properties accurately to sell. Once valued, we label each sale a ‘whitehot property’ and add them to this website for you to browse.

How is a whitehot property different to a regular property sale?

'whitehot property' is a term that describes a very specific type of property sale. Every property on this site adheres to strict criteria:

  • They are realistically priced.
  • Chain free - the uncertainty of property chains is eliminated as the buyer is purchasing directly from a business, not another home-mover.
  • They often come with fantastic additional incentives such as stamp duty paid or discounted legal fees.

Where do whitehot properties come from?

whitehot properties come from two sources: property developers and lending institutions. When a buyer purchases a new home from a developer, their existing property is often used as part-payment through a part exchange scheme, leaving the developer with the buyer's old property after the transaction has been completed. Building Societies and other mortgage lenders acquire property through repossession, prepossession and probate transactions.